File picture: Michael Sohn/AP

Dresden, Germany - Six people were injured during a violent altercation in eastern Germany between a group of German nationals and a group of immigrants, German police said Saturday.

Two of those injured suffered stab wounds. One was electrocuted with a taser, police said, adding that the reason for the violence was being investigated.

The statement did not specify from which country or countries the immigrant suspects came.

The altercation began with an argument between the two groups late Friday at a train station in the east German town of Wurzen. The group of Germans then followed their adversaries to an asylum seeker's accommodation and started banging on the door and breaking a window.

Twelve people inside the accommodation then attacked the German group - which numbered around 30 - with knifes and clubs.

The violence continued until police arrived at the scene and forced the two groups apart.

Germany took in hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers in the second half of 2015. Right-wing attacks on the new arrivals and their accommodation rose drastically that year, but have come down again since then.