Picture: Independent Media

London - Two drug dealers on trial over a knife attack were caught passing cannabis to each other in court.

Khalid Latif, 18, handed cannabis to Kuany Eljack, 23, in the dock as the jury was sworn in.

The pair then struggled with a dock officer as the bemused judge looked on.

Latif was later fined £100 (about R1800) for possession of cannabis.

Of the incident, Judge Michael Simon said: "I suspect that my face may have displayed some disquiet."

Latif and Eljack were on trial for stabbing two men over a £15 (about R263) drugs debt.

John Furman sustained neck and arm injuries while David Ginova was slashed across the back at their home in north-west London in January 2017.

Latif and Eljack, both of North London, were convicted of wounding with intent to cause GBH and unlawful wounding at Blackfriars Crown Court. Latif was jailed for ten years and Eljack for seven-and-a-half.