This undated file picture provided by the FBI shows Patrick Crusius, who has been indicted by a grand jury for multiple killings at an El Paso shopping area on August 3. Picture: FBI via AP, File.

EL PASO - A Texas grand jury on Thursday indicted a man accused of killing 22 people in an August shooting at Walmart in El Paso, Texas, who had told authorities he was targeting Mexicans, local media reported.

Patrick Crusius, 21, was indicted on capital murder charges and will face the death penalty if he is convicted, El Paso County District Attorney Jaime Esparza said on Thursday, the El Paso Times reported.

Crusius is accused of driving from the Dallas area to El Paso on August 3 and firing at shoppers with a rifle inside a Walmart store, after which he surrendered to officers who confronted him outside the store.

Crusius confessed while surrendering and told police he was targeting “Mexicans,” according to an El Paso police affidavit released days after the shooting.

The Texas killings were followed just 13 hours later by another mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, where a gunman in body armor and a mask killed nine people in less than a minute and wounded 27 others in the city’s downtown historic district before he was shot dead by police.

The shootings reverberated across the political arena on Sunday as Democratic presidential candidates called for stricter gun laws and accused President Donald Trump of stoking racial tensions.