The final installment of vampire saga Twilight dominated Razzie nominations for the worst films and movie performances of 2012.

New Year is the time for throwing out the old... and the style police on social networking sites have a few suggestions.

Here’s a list of all the things that have been named as “so 2012!”

Skinny jeans on men are out, leave the hips and the curves to the girls.

Colour blocking, no you don’t have to compete with the rainbow any more.

Ditto for colour hair extensions.

Weird baby names from Tinkerbell to Buzz-Bee to Nemo, Peaches and Apple. We live in the real world, not fairyland or Disneyworld.

YOLO – we can blame rapper Drake for popularising this useless phrase. We all know that “you only live once” unless some have their identity confused with that of a cat.

50 Shades of Grey, let’s move on to a more colourful (and intellectual) read.

Julius Malema jokes, leave him be to tend to his cabbages.

Khaya Mthethwa and Chad le Clos could move into the “so 2012” bracket, but as they are said to be single – these are celebs to keep an eye on in 2013.

Remarks about the weight of Adele, Christina and Lady Gaga, let’s find something a little more phat to talk about.

Putting the last name of a celebrity on your Facebook profile name, oh yes Mary Smith-”Bieber” we are talking to you!

Pouting in pics, leave that to the chimps in the zoo.

If you are doing the Gangnam style at your New Year’s Eve party at one minute past 12, you are so 2012.

Using Facebook as a bragbook, to talk about the places you’re going to, the outfits you buy or your latest gadgets.

Last but not least, Twilight fans – it’s time to find something new to read/watch, try finding a hobby. Here’s to 2013 and the promise of new fun trends, new dance moves and #GoodTimes. -Saturday Star