Kenyan, Margaret Achieng Jow holds a rose next to her daughter's name on a memorial plaque bearing the names of the more than 200 victims of the August 07, 1998 terrorist bomb attack on Nairobi's former US embassy, 07, August, 2007, during the ninth memorial.

Highlights of this day in history: US embassies bombed in E. Africa; Congress OKs powers to expand the Vietnam War; The Battle of Guadalcanal begins; Kon-Tiki ends its journey; Comedy icon Oliver Hardy and news anchor Peter Jennings die.

On August 7th 1998 a car bomb exploded near the US embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. Immediately following the event, a decision was made by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Security to dispatch to Kenya a search and rescue mission headed by the HFC S&R experts.