London -

A mother threw herself to her death from the top of a multi-storey car park after suffering for months with excruciating toothache.

Janette Warburton, 58, was in agony and found it almost impossible to sleep or eat after the pain spread to her temple. However, doctors were unable to diagnose exactly what was wrong, an inquest heard.

Desperate text messages the mother of two sent to her husband, David, from her hospital bed included one saying: “The pain is unbearable... My body is shutting down.” Another merely said: “Help, help, help, help.”

On Monday, after the coroner recorded a verdict of suicide, Mr Warburton hit out at the care his wife received. “She was moved around loads and that was really upsetting for her,” he said.

“All they did was watch her and give her some medication - nothing that really found out what was wrong.

“It seemed the NHS were short of beds, and now I am short of a wife.”

Mrs Warburton, from Blackpool, began experiencing tooth pain 16 months ago. Despite repeated GP visits and two hospital stays, the pain remained so severe the grandmother developed depression and anxiety, and could take in food only through a straw.

On March 29 this year, 10 days after being sent home from hospital, she was due to have her tooth removed at a Blackpool dental clinic, but instead threw herself off the fifth storey of a nearby car park.

Blackpool and Fylde coroner Alan Wilson said there was no evidence of any “gross failing” in Mrs Warburton’s care. - Daily Mail