Picture: luctheo/Pixabay

World - Police have confirmed that two men were severely injured in Bavaria, in the German State by a man who fired arrows at them. 

The motive for the attack is not known and the suspect has been taken into police custody. 

One of the victims, aged 47, had to airlifted to hospital after sustaining injuries to his torso area. 

The other victim a 39-year-old man sustained severe injuries to his face. 

Police arrested the 34-year-old suspect after being alerted by neighbours.

It is believed the neighbours had sheltered the two wounded men after the attack to protect them from further shots.

It was not yet clear if the suspect used a bow or a crossbow in the attacks, police spokesman Michael Jakob said on Tuesday. 

"At the moment, we can't say what the reason for the attack was," Jakob said. 

He added that police and prosecutors would provide further details on Wednesday.