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London - A ‘Snapchat addict’ orchestrated the murder of her boyfriend then posted a video of him on the app as he lay dying, a court has heard.

Fatima Khan, 20, allegedly plotted with another man to kill Afghan asylum seeker Khalid Safi, 18, who she had been seeing for two years.

The teenager was repeatedly stabbed in the chest – including a blow to the heart – by Raza Khan, 19, the Old Bailey jury was told. Rather than calling an ambulance, Miss Khan allegedly filmed him as he died in the street and posted it on Snapchat with the caption: "This is what happens when you f*** with me."

"Mr Safi was the on-off boyfriend of the defendant, Fatima Khan, and the prosecution case is that he was killed by a rival for her affections," said prosecutor Kate Bex QC. "She willingly and knowingly entered into a joint enterprise with Raza Khan to cause serious injury to Khalid Safi."

"She told Raza Khan where to find Khalid Safi and she ensured that Mr Safi was still there by the time Mr Khan travelled to the scene."

"Miss Khan’s behaviour after the murder confirms, the prosecution say, that her intention was to enable Raza Khan to seriously injure Khalid Safi." The jury was shown the disturbing Snapchat video as well as CCTV of the fatal fight.

On the evening of the killing on December 1, 2016, Mr Safi and Miss Khan – a self-confessed ‘Snapchat addict’ – had gone to a Costa Coffee near to her work at Vigilant Security in North Acton, London.

When Raza Khan arrived at the cafe shortly after 6pm, he seemed to "know exactly where he was going" and confronted Mr Safi before revealing a knife.

Jurors heard the brawl only lasted for around 15 seconds, during which Mr Khan put his hand on Mr Safi’s back to bend him over whilst using his other to plunge the blade into his abdomen.

Mr Khan then fled. Police are still trying to trace him and a £5 000 (about R63 000) reward for information is being offered by the independent charity Crimestoppers.

Miss Khan was seen running back into the coffee shop and allegedly ‘videoed Khalid Safi as he lay dying in a pool of his blood on the pavement,’ said Miss Bex. Miss Khan, of Ilford, denies murder and conspiracy to cause GBH.