Screengrab taken from YouTube video.
A Romanian girl who was born without arms stunned judges at the Romania's Got Talent auditions when she told them that she would be singing as well as playing the piano.

Alberta "Lorelai" Mosnegutu is 14 years old. Looking at her serene face one can hardly comprehend the suffering the dimunitive young girl has already endured.

Judges were moved by Lorelai's extraordinary tale of survival against all odds. And week after week her story held TV audiences in the country glued to their screens.

When she was born nobody expected her to live for more than a few days. Her mother abandoned her and she was rescued by the woman she calls "Mother Vio" who became her foster parent. Under Veronica Parvulescu's loving care Lorelai flourished and eventually learned to speak by the age of three and walk by the time she turned four.

Soon this was not enough and the little girl learned how to write using her toes. When Lorelai's musical talent was discovered she used it as a force for spreading a positive message.

The culmination of this story of hope and positivity saw Lorelai crowned the winner of the 2017 Romania's Got Talent competition.

A look at some of her performances during the competition:


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