Screengrab: Instagram/leonardodicaprio
Screengrab: Instagram/leonardodicaprio

WATCH: Leonardo DiCaprio's Instagram video on polluted Vietnamese bay hits 1 milion views

By dpa Time of article published Jun 3, 2020

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Hanoi - A video posted on Leonardo DiCaprio's Instagram account calling for an end to pollution in a world-famous Vietnamese bay passed the 1-million-viewer mark on Wednesday.

The 58-second clip shows aerial footage of the floating village of Cai Beo in Lan Ha Bay, located around 10 kilometres south-west of world famous Ha Long Bay. It has garnered 1,143,664 views as of Wednesday.

"This traditional fishing village in Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam, floats atop emerald waters among lush limestone karst formations," DiCaprio says in the description beneath the video. "Villagers depend on the sea for survival and make a living from fishing, aquaculture, and tourism."

"It looks like paradise, but their unique way of life is threatened by wastewater, plastic pollution, unsustainable tourist activities, and climate change," he adds. "If Lan Ha Bay is to remain a beautiful place to live and visit, tourists must take care to reduce their environmental impact while visiting - if they visit at all."

It is unclear whether DiCaprio has ever visited the bay, although the message aligns with the actor's well-known interest in environmental issues.

In 2014, he was named a United Nations messenger of peace, a role he has regularly used to draw attention to climate change.

Vietnamese borders remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so the international tourism industry is currently dead in the water.

In 2017, however, officials in Ha Long City told local media that two tons of trash was being dumped into Ha Long Bay every single day, with the area's tourism industry largely to blame. 


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