Picture: Youtube screenshot

Mae Sai, Thailand - A new video released Wednesday filmed in the bowels of a northern Thai cave showed members of a trapped football team laughing as they greet the camera to say they are in good health after their astonishing discovery by divers.

The footage, published by the Thai Navy SEAL Facebook page, runs by 11 of the 13 members of the team, each makes a traditional Thai greeting gesture to the camera before introducing themselves by nickname and saying "I'm in good health".

Several of the boys in the frame are wearing protective foil blankets and are accompanied by a smiling diver in a wetsuit.

The one-minute clip ends on a jovial note, with one of the 12 young footballers saying he was forgotten in the round of introductions, sparking laughter.

The boys appear relaxed and much more alert than when they were when discovered late Monday by British divers, as they took shelter from surging underground waters on a muddy ledge. 

Several Navy SEAL divers have deployed along with medics, while the complex process of evacuating the "Wild Boar" team begins.