An Austrian woman has been charged after she allegedly sneaked into a village church and filmed herself performing sexual acts, police said on Thursday.

Police spokeswoman Simone Mayr told AFP that the woman, who has not been named, could face up to six months in jail for “vilification of religious doctrines”.

“The woman has confessed and has apologised,” Mayr said. “It is now up to state prosecutors to decide whether this will go to court ... She could also be fined instead of jail.”

The woman reportedly published the videos online of herself performing solo sexual acts on one of the pews of the church, wearing a crucifix.

After the videos did the rounds on the internet, local youths informed the pastor of Hoersching in central Austria, Bernhard Pauer, who went to the police in June.

“The church does not have to be reconsecrated ... The presence of God cannot be driven out by sin,” Pauer told the Kurier daily. - AFP