The logo of German discount supermarket giant Aldi. Picture: JOHANNES EISELE

Elmshorn, Germany -

Police in Germany are hunting two hypnotists said to put their victims into a trance before robbing them.

In the latest incident Russian woman Sarah Alexeyeva, 66, said she was spoken to by two women in front of an Aldi supermarket in the town of Elmshorn, Schleswig-Holstein.

Police spokesman Sandra Mohr said: “They were also Russian and told her they would read her fortune, but the next thing she knew she was back home sitting in an armchair and all her jewellery and valuables had vanished.

“She claims the pair put her into a trance in order to rob her.

“One minute she was being promised the future and the next she knew she was back home.

“They seem to be able to get the interest with a promise to see the future, but the only future they are promising is to rob their victims.”

Police are keen to trace two other possible victims, women aged around 35 and 55. - Daily Mail