At the grand age of 24 Poppy was crowned the oldest cat in the world.

London - Just weeks after being officially named the world’s oldest cat, 24-year-old Poppy has died.

Her owner, mother-of-two Jacqui West, 43, of Bournemouth, said yesterday: ‘We knew she was old and that it was going to happen but we’re all still completely devastated.

‘It’s great that she managed to get the world record beforehand. It’s almost like she was purposely hanging in there because the process took months.’

Mrs West said that Poppy, who was the equivalent of 114 human years old, became ill last week. ‘She was on antibiotics because of a water infection and her back legs just seemed to let her down.’

She added: ‘Our four other cats all seem to be loitering around waiting for Poppy to come home.’

It is not known who will take over the Guinness World Records crown.