Tibetan exiles try to douse the flames from their comrade, Jamphel Yeshi, after he set himself on fire.

A Tibetan writer has posted photos online allegedly showing scenes of two Tibetans setting themselves on fire in the regional capital, Lhasa.

There have been a string of Tibetan self-immolations since March last year but the two Sunday were the first reported in tightly guarded Lhasa.

Writer Tsering Woeser's captions say the photos show 25-year-old Dhargye walking while covered in flames near a Buddhist temple as two people rush at him carrying a blanket or a coat.

State media say Dhargye was taken to hospital.

The photos posted on Woeser's blog and Twitter feed also show smoke in the background. That is believed to be from the self-immolation of 19-year-old Dorjee Tseten, who died at the scene. - Sapa-AP