FILE - In this Nov. 24, 2018 file photo, a demonstrator waves the French flag on a burning barricade on the Champs-Elysees avenue with the Arc de Triomphe in background, during a demonstration against the rise of fuel taxes. Across the world, people are questioning truths they had long held to be self-evident, and they are dismissing some of them as fake news. They are replacing traditions they had long seen as immutable with haphazard reinvention. In France, people who feel left behind by a globalizing world have spent the last few weeks marching and rioting to protest a government they call elitist and out of touch. (AP Photo/Michel Euler, File)

PARIS — The number of yellow vest protesters demonstrating on Paris' Champs Elysees on Saturday is down sharply on recent weeks.

Several yellow vest groups had called for a sixth straight Saturday of protests across France, but their call appears to have fallen on deaf ears in the capital at the start of the Christmas break.

In a stark contrast to the chaos of previous weekends, groups of tourists strolled down the avenue near the Arc de Triomphe and the road remained open for traffic.

In a protective move, the palace of Versailles just outside Paris will be shut for the day after yellow vest protesters said they will hold a demonstration at the famous chateau that was home to succession of French kings until the French Revolution in 1789.

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