File picture: Ed Andrieski

Princeton, New Jersey -

A Princeton University employee says he has been told to choose between medical marijuana and his job.

Don DeZarn says Princeton officials told him he couldn't use medicinal marijuana and work in his job as senior operations manager of campus dining.

The 48-year-old US Navy veteran, who is running as a New Jersey congressional candidate for the Legalise Marijuana Party, says he qualifies for medical marijuana because of his inflammatory bowel disease and PTSD.

DeZarn says that after discussing with school officials on Tuesday how they might accommodate him under federal law, he was told not to show for work for now.

Employers do not have to accommodate medical marijuana use in the workplace under New Jersey law.

A Princeton spokesman says DeZarn was placed on paid leave and invited to discuss “reasonable accommodations” for his disability. The university met with him on Tuesday to go over that process. - Sapa-AP