File picture: Skyler Reid

Johannesburg - The Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA) Gauteng on Wednesday said it would open a case of theft against the two UJ senior managers accused of swindling the institution of millions. 

The league's announcement comes months after reports emerged that two high-ranking staff members, Roy Marcus and Jaco van Schoor, were allegedly siphoning off at least R25 million from the university and channelling into their private business.

The two allegedly used UJ companies to personally benefit from some contracts for the installation of solar geysers. 

A whistle-blower had lifted the lid on the alleged rot, prompting UJ to launch a two-pronged probe - an internal and external forensic investigation.

Auditing firm SizweNtsaluba Gobodo was commissioned to do the forensic probe. The two have since been suspended.

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The YCLSA in a statement confirmed it would lay charges of theft against the duo on Thursday morning. 

"The YCLSA in Gauteng is reliably informed that the R25 million as reported in various media outlets to have been stolen by the two is just a tip of the iceberg. 

"To shed more light into the nefarious business affairs of the pair, we call on the law enforcement agencies to expand their investigation to include other related transactions conducted between the university and other business entities before Mr Marcus and Mr van Schoor stepped down from their roles at the institution."

The league also called on other bodies and institutions Marcus and van Schoor served on as as board members to temporarily suspend their membership pending the investigation. 

"In a country reeling under the scourge of corruption involving public funds, we cannot afford to have individuals who are supposed to uphold high morals and ethics but tainted with such allegations serving on boards whose decisions have a direct bearing on society."

The YCLSA urged UJ to publicise the findings from the probe to avoid "the untold impact that this heinous crime will have on the lives of students, the workers and the much-needed research work".

UJ meanwhile has said the investigation was still underway and that it would only comment once the report has been received. 

"The university will pronounce on the matter after it has received and studied the report," spokesperson Herman Esterhuizen said.