Celeste and Morn� Nurse have been very open about their new romances on Facebook. File photo: Jason Boud

Cape Town - Reports that Zephany Nurse’s biological parents are thinking about leaving their current partners to reunite their family has been rubbished by a friend close to the former couple.

The Nurse family has been in the spotlight since news broke that their daughter who was kidnapped 17 years ago had been found.

Her alleged kidnapper, a 50-year-old woman, has been arrested, charged and released on R5 000 bail.

Both families have signed an agreement over visiting rights, which has not been made public.

On Tuesday, a newspaper reported that Morne has left his girlfriend, Kelly Valentine, to try and reconcile with his ex-wife Celeste.

The couple divorced a few years ago and Celeste is currently dating Justin Smit.

Both Morne and Celeste have been very open about their romances on Facebook.

A close family friend told the Daily Voice the parents have no plans of reconciling.

“Both of them are seeing other people and have been doing so for a while,” the woman explained.

“I know both of the couples and the rumours that one is thinking about leaving their partner to reconcile with the other are simply not true.

“They have love for each other, yes... they will have that bond because they share kids together, but that is it.

“They have sought counselling and have been advised that reconciling for the sake of the children is not good.

“The point is nobody has left anyone and if the Nurses want to get back together, it will be something that can be decided in the future.”

Zephany, 17, who was stolen from Groote Schuur Hospital three days after she was born, was found after she befriended her younger sister Cassidy at the school they both attend in Retreat.

Morne said that when he met Cassidy’s friend, he knew immediately it was his long-lost daughter, and a DNA test confirmed as much.

Morne and Celeste said they have both forgiven the woman who took their child.