The Road Accident Fund (RAF) has launched #KeepItSimple, a campaign aimed at encouraging road-users to claim directly with the RAF after being involved in a road crash. The drive emphasizes the simplicity of the process of claiming directly with the fund – three easy steps that anyone can do on their own without needing any legal help. 

At the heart of #KeepItSimple is an empowerment message that in handling your own claim, you reap the full pay-out and benefit due to you. This follows up on the RAF’s previous drive, #TakeCharge, aimed at encouraging car crash victims to take control and responsibility for their own claims. 

RAF’s chief marketing officer, Phumelela Dhlomo said: “The claims process is really a simple one and this campaign is all about raising awareness of it. You Compile the necessary documents, Complete the submission forms, and then Submit these documents to us.  In other words, we’ve tried to #KeepItSimple.”

The RAF believes its relationship with the public needs no middlemen. 

“Be it enquiries, claims or follow-ups, the public can engage us directly at any touchpoint, and that is the message at the heart of this drive. There are many myths associated with claiming directly and through #KeepItSimple, we are setting the record straight. For example, one of these myths are that a middleman facilitates speedy claims, but this is not true. In fact, claiming directly takes virtually a few months as opposed to 3 to 5 years through a legal representative. Furthermore, middlemen take at least 25% of the pay-out when the claim is finalised, money which should otherwise go to the claimant who needs it most for medical bills and life adjustment,” concluded Dhlomo. 

Over the years, the RAF has ensured that the public has easy access to all required information when lodging claims. A readily responsive call-centre is available to field enquiries, provide guidance during the claims submission process, and give updates on existing claims. A mobile office, ‘MobiRAF,’ travels to far-flung areas to give people access to essential services, assisting with the lodging of claims or addressing queries of existing claims. 

Increasingly, people are considering direct claims. Last year, the total number of direct claims increased by just under 15%, while the settlements of direct claims increased by 34%. Over two thirds of people who claimed directly rated their overall experience with the RAF as highly satisfactory. 

Half of all direct claimants heard about the simplicity of the direct claims process through word of mouth; #KeepItSimple will amplify this to ensure that more road users understand the simplicity of claiming directly and get the full value of their pay-outs.