Cheslyn Steenberg: The new dawn of a patriotic democracy

Cheslyn Steenberg. Picture: Supplied

Cheslyn Steenberg. Picture: Supplied

Published May 28, 2024


The democracy our forefathers fought for did not bear the fruits we hoped for. We are still as poor as before. Thousands, if not millions are still without decent homes, unemployment is on the rise and access to the economy is still being kept close for many of us.

On Wednesday, May 29, we will all have an opportunity to make history – a vote for our children – for a better future and true liberation.

It is under a Patriotic Alliance administration that we have proven to serve in the interest of the people where we are voted in despite what the official opposition wants to portray.

Our country needs an energized leader that is willing to walk the walk but more so also tread the difficult waters and challenges we face as a country.

Under the leadership of Gayton McKenzie we will definitely have that – a leader who stands for everyone – black, white, coloured and indian.

The turnaround strategy has six key pillars.

(1). Putting God first. The PA believes that South Africa has lost its moral compass and intends to bring God’s importance and relevance back into society to promote humility and service. The PA will reintroduce religious teachings in schools.

(2). Zero tolerance for illegal immigration. The PA will mass deport all illegal foreign nationals, impose stricter immigration policies and apply severe penalties for businesses who hire illegal foreign nationals.

(3). Military Service. The PA will introduce mandatory military or public service for unemployed youth to instil discipline and skills, whilst also assisting in border security and deportation efforts.

(4). Return of the death penalty. The PA will bring back the death penalty for the most heinous crime to demonstrate the state if finally serious about combating lawlessness and enabling South Africans without fear.

(5). Elevate royal and local leaders. The PA supports royal and community leaders recognising the key roles they play in rural areas.

(6). Beneficiation. The PA promotes industrialization and adding value to natural resources to create jobs and stimulate economic growth, focusing and building competitive industries and addressing infrastructure challenges. Fellow South Africans, we have an opportunity to fix the country, your vote is the key to this fixing.

Use your vote to contribute to the progress and change we need to grow as a country.

For too long we have witnessed our communities burning, our young people dying on a daily basis, basic services not being available, our health sector not working, our education sector not producing what they should because of lack of resources, corruption taking the bread from our children’s mouths, it ends on Wednesday, May 29 with your cross on that ballot.

Our current bunch of leaders are all compromised. They have reason to keep the status quo as is so don’t expect much.

Gayton is ready to lead and serve the people of this country without hidden agendas but the people’s agenda – the liberation of our people, from Cape Town to Soweto and from Nabib to Tonga. The struggles our communities face are dire and depressing.

Under a PA administration each home will have a job and food on its table, water in its taps and a fixed supply of electricity. Our promise is not to underspend taxes but focus our budgets on what is needed on all levels of government.

Citizens should be served by competent individuals when they walk into a police station, local clinic, hospital or even enter our borders – public servants that are competent and focus on the task at hand.The time is now, no more time for excuses.

We need action. We need accountability. We need progress. We need stimulation.

We need the Patriotic Alliance (PA) in a time like this where every party contesting in this election has failed us – the people of this beautiful country.

*Cheslyn Steenberg is the regional secretary of the Patriotic Alliance in the Cape Metro region.

** The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of IOL or Independent Media.

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