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Thursday, May 19, 2022

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LETTER: SA to mediate in crisis? Don’t make me laugh

Published Mar 2, 2022


Have you heard the great news? South Africa has offered to mediate in the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

I was shocked, astounded and flabbergasted. Could it be true? A country where the government was caught with its pants down during the July riots wants to broker a peace deal between the Russians and the Ukrainians.

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The rioters looted and burnt down hundreds of shops, malls and warehouses, causing billions in damage. The Cabinet and police stood by and watched SA burn. And it wants to negotiate a deal in Europe? It cannot stop the factionalism rendering the government powerless and tearing SA apart. Criminal gangs overrun the country and political killings have become endemic in KwaZulu-Natal. It cannot put its own house in order but wants to help in Ukraine.

What did ANC leaders do to resolve the crisis just across our border? Did it lift a finger to help Zimbabweans oppressed by the tyrant Robert Mugabe? Zimbabweans suffered for decades but ANC leaders looked the other way. Yet SA wants to mediate in Europe?


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