A new tax app, hApp-e-tax, offers everything accountants, auditors, tax practitioners, lawyers, business people and financial students need to know about South African income tax legislation in an easily accessible format.

Herschel Alpert, who developed hApp-e-tax for use on smartphones and tablets, is well known in tax circles, having worked at two global auditing and tax consulting firms.

He says: “I know only too well the issues faced by South African tax professionals in getting tax information fast. The world has moved beyond flicking through books, pamphlets and clunky, slow websites.

“The app provides a comprehensive tax information base that is easy to navigate using an intuitive search engine designed to provide core information immediately. It also allows users to insert notes and create client briefcases with all the relevant tax information related to a particular assignment or project.”

When tax legislation changes, hApp-e-tax is immediately updated, Alpert says. 

Included on the app is the Income Tax Act, the Tax Administration Act, practice and interpretation notes, double-taxation avoidance agreements and a comprehensive list of definitions. 

The app is available on trial for free for the first three months and is available for download from the iOS App Store or Google Play. It costs R489 a year.