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Shareholders must lead war on executive greed

It was very gratifying to read in the press this week that the Financial Services Board Insider Trading Directorate feels that the war against insider trading is being won. This may just be the result of market conditions, but it would be really nice to believe that ethics are beginning to creep back into the market place.

4 October 2003 | Columnists

Bonds: an investor's nirvana or nemesis?

With investors desperately trying to improve the cash flow or income and yield on their investments, many are casting covetous eyes at the historical returns that bond investors have achieved over the past two to three years.

13 September 2003 | Columnists

US investors don't know which way is up

Two interesting pieces of economic news emanated from the United States this week: the number of residential construction projects hit a 17-year high in July, and consumer confidence dropped in the same month.

23 August 2003 | Columnists

Investors and portfolio managers divided over diversification

In the perfect world it would obviously be great if one had 100 percent of your portfolio invested in the most successful investment available at any particular point in time. Unfortunately, the vast majority of investors stumble from one mediocre investment to the next. The very unfortunate fall prey to a vast array of investment scams - there are plenty of local examples. It is clear that very few investors are both competent and confident enough to become masters of their own financial future.

20 July 2003 | Columnists

Rates must be reduced further

Conventional wisdom and the reputation of economists took another battering this week as the rand "strangely appreciated" after Tito Mboweni, the Governor of the Reserve Bank, reduced interest rates by one-and-a-half percentage points last week.

21 June 2003 | David Sylvester