File photo: INLSA

Dialdirect is the latest insurance company to offer policyholders benefits for driving responsibly through what is known as telematics – the tracking of your vehicle via satellite or mobile network technology. 

Its new smartphone app uses telematics to monitor how policyholders drive.

Depending on how responsibly they drive and what Dialdirect products they hold, policyholders can get a portion of their premiums back, every month. 

Warwick Scott-Rodger, the executive head of Dialdirect, says: “With our app, consumers have the opportunity to participate in their risk management and tangibly determine what they pay for insurance.” 

One of the seven factors that the Dialdirect app measures is using a cellphone while driving – which, it says, is the cause of about 25% of accidents on South African roads. The other six factors are braking, acceleration, night-time driving (you pose a higher risk by driving at night), speeding, the route you take (some routes are more risky than others) and distance. 

Customers can boost their monthly cash-back payments by adding Dialdirect’s home contents cover and buildings cover to their policies and by undertaking a vehicle safety check, an eye test and confirming their policy details. And after four years of claims-free, uninterrupted cover, customers can get a further 25% of all their premiums back. 

To download the app, visit the Play store or iTunes and search for Dialdirect Insurance App.