Picture: David Ritchie

In the wake of the recent devastating fires in Knysna, George and surrounding areas, the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) has launched the FPI Disaster Assistance Pro Bono Programme, offering free financial planning advice to residents whose lives have been turned upside down. The programme, which began at the beginning of this month, runs for three months.

For those affected, recovery means several things, a key part of which is sorting out insurance claims and implementing financial strategies to help them recover in the medium and long term, the FPI says.

Godfrey Nti, the chief executive of the FPI, says: “Many families have had their homes destroyed and their lives severely impacted by this disaster. We believe that financial planning is a key part of recovering from such a disaster. We would therefore like to offer our support to help victims in the affected areas re-build their lives, in the near and long term.” 

Over 300 Certified Financial Planning professionals countrywide have responded to the institute’s call for action and agreed to volunteer their time and expertise. “We expect more members to join in the coming weeks and months,” says David Kop, head: of public policy and consumer affairs at the FPI. 

“All our members are bound by the FPI’s code of ethics and practice standards. As such, the public can be assured that the advice delivered by our financial planners will be provided with the same duty of care and professionalism that they normally exercise.”

To be paired with an FPI volunteer and receive free financial planning advice, residents in the affected areas can call 086 1000 FPI (374) or email [email protected]