The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) warns you against dealing with two people who are unauthorised to provide financial services, Sadia Akbar and Muzi Khumalo. 

According to information it has received, Akbar purports to be an employee of an entity called the Financial Service Authority. She also purports that this entity has its head office at the same address as the FSCA and that it advises members of the public on payments made to them by cheque. Akbar uses the following email address and contact number: [email protected] and 060 409 0863.

The FSCA says his “Financial Service Authority” is not authorised to render financial services. The FSCA is not affiliated to this entity, and it has not granted either Akbar or the Financial Service Authority permission to use the official FSCA office address. 

The FSCA says you should also act with caution when dealing with Muzi Khumalo, who uses the name Liezel Johnson. According to information received by the FSCA, this individual purports to be a financial services provider. 

Apparently, Khumalo, who uses the alias Liezel or Liesl Johnson on Facebook, refers to the GT247.COM website as his own website. GT247, trading as GT247.COM, is a subsidiary of Purple Group, which has confirmed that neither it nor its affiliates have any relationship with Khumalo.

The FSCA says Khumalo is not authorised in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act to render financial advice and intermediary services.