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Picture: Pexels.

How real South Africans save their money

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Apr 7, 2020

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See how a 32-year-old HR manager from Johannesburg saves and spends – and the changes she can make to meet her goals.

Monthly Income (after tax): R29 800

Insurance and Risk Medical aid: R1 800

Funeral cover: R950

Car insurance: R600

Savings and Investments Retirement annuity: R1 100

Money market account (emergency fund): R500

Other Spending

Rent: R8 500

Utilities: R1 400

Groceries: R3 800

Toiletries: R1 000

Gym: R650

Petrol: R800

Cell phone: R950

Entertainment: R2 000

Grooming (hair, nails, etc.): R850


Car repayment: R2 000

Credit card payment: R750

Store card repayments: R2 000

Money left at the end of the month: R150

Lessons Learnt

“I’m spending more on my clothing and beauty products than I do on my car repayments and medical aid contributions combined. I hadn’t realised how much I was spending on ‘fun’ stuff proportionate to the more important things.

I am quite good with eating at home and preparing meals for the week ahead on a Sunday, so I think those costs aren’t too bad, but I definitely need to relook at how I am spending my money.

I do have some basic savings in place, which is great – that said, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to increase my retirement annuity (RA) contribution. I know I’m not making as much of a tax saving on this each year that I could be, and that probably doesn’t make the best financial sense. Since my savings amounts go off each month via debit order, I must be honest I don’t miss them – they’re out of my account before I can even think about what else I would have spent that money on. It means that increasing my RA contribution probably won’t hurt as much as I think it might.

I also want to save towards an overseas holiday, and take out income protection – cutting back on my grooming would allow me to do both.”

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