School collection app broadens its horizons

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Oct 26, 2018

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JOHANNESBURG - The Karri app, launched in April last year for collecting money for school events, is now being used in just fewer than 300 South African schools.

Due to the success of the app, Karri has expanded to include collections for just about any purpose or organisation that wants to collect money from its members.

The founder of Karri, Doug Hoernle, said: “Karri has provided a phenomenal solution to any school collecting funds for outings, tours, civvies days and school fees. The obvious next step was to expand the use of Karri to churches, camps, extramural activities, sports clubs, universities, ratepayers’ associations, support groups and even fund-raising campaigns.

“We have seen repeatedly that more people pay faster because Karri makes it so much easier for them. And because Karri reminds members to pay, we have found our schools and organisations collect far more from their parents and members than they did previously.”

Karri is powered by Nedbank, but users can use any bank for payments.


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