Dealing with stormy weather

By Supplied Time of article published Nov 5, 2018

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JOHANNESBURG - Standard Insurance offers advice that may help to keep you and your property safe during adverse weather conditions:

* If possible, make sure computers, TVs, decoders and other equipment are disconnected from wall sockets during storms to avoid damage caused by electrical surges caused by lightning strikes.

* Check that roofs do not have broken or loose tiles that will allow the entry of water during heavy downpours.

* Check your property for any loose material and secure (or fill with water) all large, relatively light items, such as pool motor housings, boats and rubbish bins.

* Ensure that roof gutters are clean and unclogged, so water does not accumulate and seep through roof tiles on to ceilings.

* Keep house windows shut to reduce the chance of them being hit by hail or shattered by high winds.

Motorists who are caught in a storm while driving should do the following:

* Ensure that the fuel tank is full.

* Avoid being on the road, but if you are, drive slowly and carefully.

* Reduce speed to match the road conditions, and increase following distance to at least three cars.

* Turn your headlights on so you can be seen by other vehicles.

* If you can, pull off the road safely and activate your car’s hazard lights as a warning to other motorists.

* Do not park under trees, as there is a risk of falling branches and debris.

* Ensure that windscreen wipers are always in good condition, so they can cope with sudden downpours.

* Do not attempt to drive through water washing across the road, or across low-water bridges; your car could stall in the water. 


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