The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (Saica) is engaging with the Unemployment Insurance Fund to address complaints it has received about problems with the UIF’s updated website, which was launched in March, and it has drafted a document to assist employers.

“When the new website was launched, users immediately identified concerns,” said Saica’s Juanita Steenekamp. “Saica received numerous complaints and comments from members that the new system was not working, that information previously submitted had disappeared, and that the system required you to resubmit all employee data for the past five years from March 2014, per employee per month.

“Saica has engaged with the UIF for the past two months on the concerns raised and challenges experienced by employers on UIF submissions. Following these engagements, Saica has drafted a document with frequently asked questions and steps that can assist employers to update their data and better understand the channels available.

“The UIF informed Saica that they are working to try to resolve the issues and better communicate with the public. Employers and accountants will have to continue to exercise patience through this process and keep informed on the new functionalities and how they work,” Steenekamp said.