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Last month, when I was looking for a loan, I came across a loan company which advertised it would source a loan.

The company debited me this month, saying I signed up for “paralegal advice”.

Why would I need paralegal advice? I contacted its offices and was told I agreed to the Ts&Cs to subscribe to its paralegal advice.

Yesterday, it debited R429 from my account. These people are trying to scam me and many others.

If you are looking for a loan it means you are desperate and have financial problems. Why would you be looking for legal advice when you need finance?

I have now been told I owe the company R1053 to cancel the “contact” - a contract I never signed up for.

A lot of people are being harassed by these people and have been caught in the same scam. Please check the complaints on Hellopeter.

D Safodien

Georgie: Thousands of people have fallen victim to this, yet the authorities are dragging their heels in investigations when what is needed is action against crooks.

They are targeting already desperate people - it’s wrong on every level.

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If you’re in need of a loan, but don’t qualify for one through the usual channels, don’t be conned into this.

You’re not getting a loan - all you’will end up with is more debt and unnecessary stress.