Spend smart this holiday season with Standard Bank UCount Rewards

Standard Bank is encouraging customers to use their UCount Rewards Points to stretch their budgets over the holiday period.

Standard Bank is encouraging customers to use their UCount Rewards Points to stretch their budgets over the holiday period.

Published Dec 24, 2021


After another challenging year, many South Africans will be looking forward to taking some time off this holiday season to relax and celebrate. While this is an exciting time of the year, it is also a time when people tend to spend money impulsively.

“Financially, consumers are already squeezed as the impact of Covid-19 on the economic environment lingers. The fuel price increase is also causing the cost of everything else, like groceries, to rise - placing significant pressure on wallets,” says Fayelizabeth Foster, Head of Loyalty and Rewards at Standard Bank.

Many companies may not be able to pay out bonuses, which means that there may not be much room in people’s budgets for holiday spending. Foster cautions against taking on unnecessary debt during this time to buy goods, as this could put you on the backfoot financially in the new year.

Standard Bank is encouraging customers to use their UCount Rewards Points to stretch their budgets over the holiday period. These Rewards Points can potentially help many cash-strapped individuals with a bit extra, to make their holiday budgets go a little further.

Foster recommends that you begin by looking at all the elements you need for your holiday, then work out how your Rewards Points can help you reach your goals. This can be done by using your Rewards Points for buying goods. Some people may find that they have accumulated a significant number of Rewards Points during the past year, without even realising it, which can be redeemed in various ways. And even if you don’t have enough Rewards Points for what you want, they can still be used as part of the payment, with the balance being paid on a Standard Bank Credit or Debit card.

“At Standard Bank, we know that it is important to our customers to be able to enjoy a few indulgences over the holidays, which is why UCount Rewards members can now use their Rewards Points to make purchases at more Rewards Retailers and outlets than ever before.

“Whether you are shopping for gifts for your family, purchasing groceries for the holidays or need to have your vehicle serviced, our new UCount Rewards Retailers have got you covered.”

Standard Bank UCount Rewards members are now spoilt for choice and can use their Rewards Points to:

•Purchase gifts at retailers such as Zando, Makro, Game, Hirsch’s, and The Cross Trainer

•Buy groceries for the holidays from Makro and liquor from Makro Liquor, Game or Wine-of-the- Month Club

•Stock up on essentials and other health supplies at Dis-Chem or Wellness Warehouse

•Ensure that you have all your baby essentials ahead of the holidays from Baby City

•Deliver all your festive gifts to your loved ones seamlessly through Courier Connexion, anywhere in South Africa

•Have the car serviced at Car Service City and tyres replaced, if necessary, at Tiger Wheel and Tyre

•Fill up with fuel or oil at Caltex or buy snacks from FreshStop – a convenient one-stop shop for your grocery essentials

•Grab a bite from your nearest KFC

•Enjoy hassle free transfers with EZ Shuttle.

•Visit the UCount Rewards website for a full list of all our Rewards Retailers.

UCount Mobile (part of the UCount Rewards Loyalty Programme) also makes it easier to connect meaningfully with friends, family, and colleagues by providing the opportunity for new and existing members to receive a brand-new smartphone, using their UCount Rewards Points.

Standard Bank is inspiring customers to have fun and celebrate responsibly over the festive season, with UCount Rewards as the vehicle to make this happen.

“There are so many quick wins through the UCount Rewards loyalty programme that can help ease your financial burden by enabling you to pay for much needed things during the December/January period such as fuel, toiletries, groceries, gifts and even stationery before the school year starts, which ultimately helps with liquidity. UCount Rewards, as the name suggests, provides an opportunity for us as Standard Bank, to give something back to our customers by rewarding them for their spend over the year,” says Foster.

Download the UCount Rewards tile on the Standard Bank Banking App where you can manage your UCount Rewards profile, view your Rewards Points balance and Rewards Tier Level at any time, view all your transactions, redeem your Rewards Points and so much more.




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