During dry spells between “gigs”, slashers need to be extra mindful with money to make funds stretch. Photo: File

During dry spells between “gigs”, slashers need to be extra mindful with money to make funds stretch. 

Juggling multiple jobs isn’t always easy. Some slashers have a 9-to-5, but others are reliant on contract work, which means income is unpredictable.
People with slash careers are those making multiple income streams simultaneously from different careers.

Singer and songwriter Chad Saaiman, social media creator and public relations guru Zuhaa Isaacs and art director and illustrator Thabiso Junior Ntuli are hustlers who aim to have an intentional approach to finances.

Having gone through the ups and downs of being between work, they share the lessons they’ve learnt with Kenosi Magosha, the head of client solutions savings at Sanlam Personal Finance (see below).

Magosha says slashers are quite ingenious when it comes to juggling work priorities and believes they recognise expertise when they see it.

“Slashers have an appreciation for finding opportunities that’ll make more money to enable their lifestyles and dreams. I’d recommend slashers consult a financial adviser for help with structuring their finances, optimising their savings and getting advice on tricky things like tax and insurance.

“It’s pivotal to be frugal (smarter with spending), particularly when income isn’t as forthcoming. This will give you an opportunity to maximise what you save while you earn and spend less when money is tight.

“This also helps to avoid having to dip heavily into savings when you’re between gigs,” Magosha says.

Having additional revenue streams such as modelling, social media management or design work are a great way to get you through the dry spells.

Juggling several jobs calls for a very organised approach, which needs to carry across to money. If your day-to-day feels disordered, your finances might follow.

“There’s value in managing your income as mindfully as the way in which you direct your skills and energy.”