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Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Survival Tactics: TikTok shows us how to make our grocery money stretch

TikTokers offer their hacks and tricks to save money when grocery shopping. Picture by BoxedWaterIsBetter/UnSplash

TikTokers offer their hacks and tricks to save money when grocery shopping. Picture by BoxedWaterIsBetter/UnSplash

Published Jun 2, 2022


While many people use TikTok to look at funny videos, food recipes and dance challenges, it can also be a useful tool.

South Africans have been hit by rising fuel prices, repo rate hikes and rising food prices, resulting in many looking for new and creative ways to stretch their money.

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Doing this not an impossible feat and taking the right steps can ensure that it can happen.

TikTokers offer their hacks and tricks to save money when grocery shopping:

Have a budget

@nomazdiaries How to budget the simple way… #budgetbinder #budget #savemoney #Viral #savemoneyadvice #budgetmom ♬ original sound - NomazDiary

Rather than finding that you have spent more than you initially planned, draw up a budget and stick to it. Use cash for your grocery shopping, suggests this TikToker. Your grocery budget should be divided into two columns: needs and wants. Make sure you have set aside enough money for your needs and then look at how much money you want to spend on your wants.

You can also choose between doing a monthly budget or a weekly budget, just choose the option that suits you.

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Clever shopping

@dietitiantanyah Too much month at the end of the money?! 😢 then here are some tips for you! 🥰![CDATA[]]>💖 grocery shopping can be EXPENSIVE so save some 💲using my best personal hacks! 😘![CDATA[]]>😘![CDATA[]]>😘 #tiktoknutrition #tiktokdietitian #fyp #tiktoksouthafrica #ick #nutritiontips #shoppinghacks ♬ My 2021 Recap - Jr Stit

This TikToker suggests that people buy products made by house brands or no name brand because they are cheaper. These products are usually made by the retailer that you are shopping at. She also says people need to look at the best-before date and choose the product that will last the longest.

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Joining the loyalty or rewards programmes that are offered by the retailers that you shop at will allow you to get a discount on items and collect points that can be used to pay for items.

Stick to the plan

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@nomazdiaries How to write a successful grocery list #viralvideo #foryoupage #fyp #nomazdiary #menuplanning #budget #journal ♬ original sound - NomazDiary

The key to sticking to a grocery budget is meal planning your daily meals for the week. It is important that people do the research to find the best deals at their local retailers. Finding the best deal can ensure that they save money by paying less for an item compared to the item’s original price.

Look out for items that have been reduced

@sugarfreesundays More money saving hacks w Max 🤣 #fyp #save #food #groceries #tiktoksouthafrica #specials #picknpay ♬ WHOLE LOTTA MONEY - BIA

Many South African retailers such as Pick n Pay, Checkers and Woolworths will have reduced prices for items on their shelves. Some of the items will have their prices reduced because they are out of season like Easter eggs or vegetables will be reduced because they are a day old.

Shop like a student

@ntsako_mcflurry Grocery shopping as a uni student so you carry a calculator to make sure you dont exceed your budget #fyp #foryou #uni #reslife #studentbudgetfriendly ♬ Finesse - Pheelz & BNXN

In this video we see this TikToker only taking one or two of the items on his grocery list. Likewise, if you live on your own, only buy one or two of each item rather than overspending by buying too much of the same thing.

Is best before really best before?

@wesleychetty #grocery #groceries #product #products #expired #bestbefore #throw #throwaway #kitchen #mom #son #indian #southafrica #tiktoksouthafrica #fyp #truth ♬ original sound - wesleychetty

Do you really have to throw away items that have reached the best before date? This TikToker’s mom says no. However it is up to you if you really want to keep the product or throw it away. It is important that you do your research about best before dates and then make a decision.

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