In the age of “there’s an app for that", there are many apps available that can help you plan your budget and save money. Photo: File.

JOHANNESBURG – People want to make good financial decisions, decisions that will not only set them up for success for today and the future, but also to make a difference even if in the smallest way. 

However, financial literacy in our society is a major issue for social and economic upliftment. Another rapidly growing issue is being socially responsible in terms of the environment we live in.

 This is according to Grant Field, chief executive of Fedgroup who encourages consumers this National Money Smart Week to change the way they think about investing.

“Investing doesn’t have to be complicated and costly, and shouldn’t just be about profits either. Every single one of us has a responsibility to act in a conscious manner towards our environment. Making smart financial decisions means thinking about the future and planning for it accordingly, but this should include the future health of our planet,” he says.

With financial inclusion, social upliftment and making a positive impact on our environment in mind, Fedgroup’s app offers Impact Farming – a simple, affordable investment tool that allows consumers to invest directly into physical farming assets in sustainable farming ventures while providing a much-needed cash injection to farming businesses looking to grow.

 For as little as R300 (the cost of a blueberry bush) investors can start investing in a farm’s assets. Other assets available on the app are beehives and solar panels.

 Investing as little amount as R300 can buy you a blueberry bush. A beehive is R4 000 and a solar panel costs R5 000.

“Much like looking after one’s physical health, to obtain financial health means that one needs to create a lifestyle that includes making wise financial decisions. Maintaining healthy finances requires ones to set short – and middle to long terms goals.  Making your money work for you and making smart decisions is key,” concludes Field.