Uber Lite’s new interface was designed to make booking rides quicker and lighter in low connectivity on basic Android phones. Photo: Uber

Uber SA on Thursday announced the launch of the Uber Lite app, with the aim of helping people connect to their app even if they live in low connectivity areas, have basic Android phones and for people with limited data plans.

The app may save you space on your phone or use less data but it will not save you any money when requesting a ride, Uber SA said in an emailed response. 

Uber SA said: "Fare prices will remain the same. Uber Lite is a simpler version of the Uber app and can be seen as a useful addition to the main app. It works on any Android phone, while saving storage space and data. Plus, it’s easy to learn and use, and it’s designed to work even in low connectivity areas."

Uber SA said that this new app will help many South Africans as many of them rely on the company for mobility.

"Every day, hundreds of thousands of people in South Africa rely on Uber for mobility and work. We believe broad access to Uber creates greater opportunity for everyone and a one-size-fits-all app doesn’t work for the diversity of network conditions, devices, and rider needs across South Africa. Which is why we’re introducing Uber Lite: The new, lighter way to Uber.

"We are excited about this announcement, and believe South African’s will feel the same way as Uber Lite provides South African’s with new possibilities for movement around their cities," said Uber.