What to read in the third-quarter 2016 edition (volume 68) of Personal Finance magazine, which is available in retailers for only R32.95.

Divorce and your finances. Marriage is as much a merger of money as emotions, so when it breaks down, you need to take care of your financial well-being and plan for the future while you unravel the emotional and logistical ties.

Surviving retrenchment. Retrenchment is always a blow, but the impact is less severe if you have considered the possibility, assessed the potential damage and put a few financial protections in place to bridge the employment gap. Our nine-page guide also looks at:

* What the law says about the retrenchment process;

* How severance benefits are taxed; and

* Insurance cover against retrenchment.

The cost of pet care. Thinking of bringing out the best in your children by promising them a cute kitten? Nice idea, but have you thought about the long-term financial implications of responsible pet ownership? We explore the nitty gritty of providing Murphy or Tigger with a happy and healthy life.

Home entertainment options. DStv’s most desirable package now costs R759 a month, providing subscribers with a strong incentive to find alternative forms of home entertainment. On cue, the digital switchover is creating space for new broadcasters, and the launch of Showmax and Netflix has made video-on-demand a real option.

Benefits of life assurance. Your biggest asset when you are young is your capacity to earn an income throughout your life, so consider taking out assurance against the risks of being unable to realise your potential through disability, long-term illness or death. We examine what you gain by taking out cover at the beginning of your career.

Medical saver plans. Is it more cost-effective to have a hospital plan that comes with a medical savings account, or a hospital plan only, while you put money away for day-to-day expenses?

Tax update. Taxation may be a certainty, but the rules are much less consistent. This year sees a few changes that might affect your tax obligations in future.

A suitable plan. There’s nothing like a baby to alert the mind to holes in your long-term financial planning,

What buy-to-let investors should know about the CPA. The Consumer Protection Act, which became effective in 2010, appears to be “lopsided” in favour of the tenant of a leased property. Until aspects of the Act are tested in court, landlords are advised to proceed cautiously.

Transferring your British pension to another country. People who have contributed to non-state retirement funds in the United Kingdom can now transfer their savings to an approved pension scheme in another country. This offers the potential to pay less tax and earn higher returns. But you need sound, professional advice before you transfer your savings.

Automatic cars. In the United States, cars with “stick shifts” are regarded as hard work. As traffic congestion gets worse in South Africa, we may come to think the same way.

Plus … unit trust performance, PlexCrown Fund Ratings, tax guide and annuity rates.

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