There’s no denying it. The world is a scary place. The only way we can stop this hatred, and encourage entrepreneurial growth, is to unite. File Image: IOL

There’s no denying it. The world is a scary place. This feeling of despair is especially apparent in those crossing into a new country, and want to start a new business. But with nationalistic belief's making a comeback globally, a daunting task has become even more of a challenge.

The only way we can stop this hatred, and encourage entrepreneurial growth, is to unite.  

Recently, I transformed my book, The Passport, into a show. The Passport book is a collection of short stories and poems about my experiences as a foreigner moving to a new country.

The vision for the show was to create a true Pan-African event. This goal could only be accomplished by including talent from every corner of our continent. Eventually, artists, singers, dancers, and fashion designers took part in the first production.

It was a fantastic experience to have all these talented individuals in one show. As a serial entrepreneur, I left the experience motivated and determined to expand The Passport Showcase's reach.

Here are my top beliefs on why we need to unite for a better entrepreneurial future.

Businesses need to be accepted to grow

A stagnant business is one that’s bound to fail. As an owner of many companies, being able to expand is key to the success of the enterprise. This expansion can’t happen if individuals aren’t interested in accepting new ideas and people.  

For new businesses to thrive, as a country and international community, we need to be more accepting of diversity.

Xenophobia stops foreign entrepreneurs from expanding their enterprises - even when it is for the betterment of the larger population.    

With The Passport Showcase, originally I envisioned that the production was going to be a direct interpretation of the book which would have been very literal. I wanted this show to be genuinely different.  

Only when I was willing to cast my net further, seek out new talent, and accept more art forms, did the vision for the show really take-off.

Be willing to try something new

With The Passport Showcase, it was a risk to try a new format. But blending all the art forms into one theatrical production created something engaging and new.

While I’ve been involved with corporate learning seminars in the past as a motivational speaker, I’ve never tried to mix so many mediums to educate an audience about one lesson.

The risk paid off, and attendees of the show were invigorated and had gained a new insight - all because I tried something new.

Looking for new ways to unite, and solving a problem differently, is what successful entrepreneurs do in the business sphere.

United and keen to be educated

When we learn uplifting lessons as a group, more significant results are guaranteed. In my experience as a motivational speaker, I’ve seen this at companies that I have worked with in the past.

Learning to work together, and towards the same goal, was an insight I took away from organising the show. All the performers had to unite and work together to ensure that the show ran smoothly, so that the educational message came across.

Uniting and locating that will to learn are the most powerful tools we have when fighting against xenophobic and nationalistic beliefs.

Which hampers entrepreneurial and business growth.

Let’s celebrate diversity and see a better future for individuals and their businesses.   


Godfrey Madanhire is a Zimbabwean serial entrepreneur and author of The Passport.