Gap cover that goes beyond your medical aid limits

Protection from medical aid shortfalls and access to the widest choice of healthcare options.

Protection from medical aid shortfalls and access to the widest choice of healthcare options.

Published Aug 16, 2022


Circumstances that require the use of medical aid are rarely pleasant. These situations can be stressful and even traumatic, depending on the severity of the condition and the treatment required. Compound this with unexpected costs that are not covered by medical aid and an already challenging situation takes a turn for the worse.

NetcarePlus GapCare from Netcare acts like a shock absorber for costs not covered by medical aid and unexpected co-payments, softening the blow of an already trying event in someone’s life. With the right solution, financial constraints don’t need to compromise the quality of your healthcare.

Financial strain adds to the pain

Anyone requiring healthcare that is not fully covered by their medical aid might feel that the treatment options available to them are limited or even inaccessible if they do not have the finances to pay for these additional costs. NetcarePlus GapCare — underwritten by Hollard Insurance Company Limited — addresses these medical scheme limitations and provides full access to world-class treatment from specialists and hospitals within the extensive Netcare network.

“Life can be unpredictable, but healthcare costs don’t have to be,” explains Teshlin Akaloo, managing director of NetcarePlus. “Given the current climate of uncertainty and unemployment, there has never been a greater need for new, affordable ways to access private healthcare to ensure that taking care of medical needs does not impact household budgets with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.”

NetcarePlus takes the gap

What sets NetcarePlus GapCare apart is that it widens your access to quality healthcare without worrying about medical scheme limitations by providing you with shortfall cover for both in and out-of-hospital specialists of your choice. Plus, it takes care of shortfalls for emergency department costs that are not limited to accidents, day-to-day expenses when medical scheme limits have been reached or savings have been depleted, costs for high-risk pregnancies, and other maternity-related benefits.

NetcarePlus offers cost-effective options including GapCare, GapCare300+ and GapCare500+ for members on any medical scheme.

“Creative solutions are needed now more than ever to answer to the complexities of the South African health environment for the benefit of more South Africans,” says Akaloo.

The bigger picture is a Plus

Many medical schemes have network restrictions limiting access to certain hospitals or specialists and do not always provide cover for shortfall expenses, and this can leave households out of pocket. Shortfalls covered by NetcarePlus GapCare are for any hospital and are not restricted to the use of Netcare hospitals only.

To further provide you with a holistic cover for your healthcare needs, NetcarePlus GapCare takes care of the shortfalls when you have reached the sub-limits applied by medical schemes. These include specific in-hospital medical procedures, prosthetic devices, extended stays in mental health, rehabilitation, step-down or sub-acute facilities, and trauma counselling.

Cover your healthcare needs beyond your medical aid’s limits from just R275 a month. Get an immediate quote online for a new affordable way to get private healthcare.