We are the home of #TheChangeables

It gives us pride to see what our customers have achieved with FNB’s help.

It gives us pride to see what our customers have achieved with FNB’s help.

Published Oct 6, 2022


We believe in the importance of helping to make greater change happen. Africa needs more start-ups. Growth needs more business, and our consumers’ dreams, no matter how big or small, are valid and worth making come true.

We embrace change because we know it brings opportunities. As we look towards the future, we also know that the best way to bring meaningful and lasting change for our customers, is to keep on reinventing help.

Against the backdrop of rising interest rates, record-high fuel and food prices that have increased the cost of living in South Africa, FNB has announced additional value-added benefits for individuals, families, and businesses in areas such as travel and groceries to help them stretch their Rands further. FNB is delighted to announce the following relief measures:

Travel relief: Individual and Business customers will continue to get an additional R2/L at Engen, Unlimited SLOW Lounge access and earn 10% back in eBucks on QuickBus tickets booked via the FNB App.

Grocery relief: Individual and Business customers will earn double eBucks rewards on grocery spend at Usave/ Shoprite/Checkers when paying with their FNB Virtual card instore or online.

Spend relief: A hundred individual and business customers could win 10x their annual eBucks spend back if they save their money by opting to pay using eBucks.

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We are now part of a moment in history that will shape our future. A future where people who want to change their lives, their businesses and their communities for the better, can get the help they need.

But our work is not done.

Please join us on the 7th of October at 09:30am when all will be revealed.

Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwXCoHTRRyk