Many financial services providers offer basic calculators on their websites to calculate things such as a projected retirement lump sum, but PPS Investments has launched a range of calculators that help you to assess your investments in a more in-depth way.

There are many questions that you face as an investor: Does my investment comply with regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act? By how much can I boost my tax deductions? Am I saving enough for retirement? How do costs affect my investments? PPS Investments’s five calculators will provide you with answers to these questions quickly.

Nick Battersby, the chief executive of PPS Investments, says many South Africans want to know whether they are saving enough for retirement and how the rising cost of living affects their savings. “Now they can have the answer at the click of a button.”

The first two calculators can be used by anyone, whereas the last three apply specifically to people invested in PPS products.

  1. The retirement-health calculator helps you to determine whether you are saving enough for retirement, based on your circumstances and goals. It calculates the shortfall or surplus between predicted and required savings, and allows you to change the variables to create different scenarios.

  2. The retirement-savings tax calculator is designed to ensure that you are making the most of the tax incentives offered by the South African Revenue Service. If you enter the required information, the tool will calculate the shortfall or surplus in your tax contributions, as well as how much you should add to a retirement annuity fund to take full advantage of the tax incentives.

  3. The effective annual cost (EAC) calculator allows you to see the impact of costs on a PPS investment. There are three broad categories of charges – administration, investment management and advice – plus “other” for costs that fall outside these categories.

  4. The regulation 28 tool will help you to ascertain whether or not your retirement-related investments comply with the regulation. Regulation 28 restricts exposure to higher-risk assets in retirement funds (a maximum of 75 percent in equities, 25 percent offshore and 25 percent in listed property).

  5. The capital gains tax (CGT) calculator allows PPS investors to calculate the illustrative CGT applicable if they decide to either switch between unit trusts or withdraw an investment.

“It is important to note that these tools are illustrative, and one should always seek the advice of a qualified and experienced financial planner,” Battersby says.

You can access the calculators at