A woman gets ready to board a bus to travel locally during the festive season
A woman gets ready to board a bus to travel locally during the festive season

WATCH: Save on your festive season travelling with Old Mutual Rewards

By Brandstories Time of article published Dec 14, 2020

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It’s not surprising that the majority of South Africans are planning to spend significantly less this festive season. The economic shockwaves of Covid-19 will make 2020’s holiday celebrations much more frugal.

But months of lockdown and separation from loved ones have made family reunions an absolute priority for many.

“For the sake of our financial health, it certainly makes sense to cut back on spending,” comments Brett Cameron, Head of Old Mutual Rewards. “But, at the same time, 2020 has taught us we should never miss an opportunity to spend time with our families when we can.”

So how do you balance the need to be frugal with the need to see family in far-flung places?

With Old Mutual Rewards, you can use membership benefits – and points you earn by adopting savvy money habits – to save on your festive travel plans. Opt for discounted flights or use your points towards vouchers for additional savings on your flight bookings.

Visit the Rewards website and click on the Travel tab in the main menu for more ways to book your travel. Old Mutual Rewards is open to all, even if you’re not an Old Mutual customer, and you earn points from the moment you join and start taking steps (no matter how small) to improve your financial health.

Not yet an Old Mutual Rewards member? Click here to join now.

4 ways to save on festive season travelling using Old Mutual Rewards

1. Get discounts when you book flights

Old Mutual Rewards members get exclusive discounts of R150 per local flight and R250 per international flight when booking via the Rewards programme’s website. Log in to your profile and click on ‘Travel’ at the top of your screen. Then hit ‘Book your flight’ and enter your flight details. Your flight discount will be included in the booking price presented to you.

You can also use your Old Mutual Rewards points to purchase vouchers for extra flight booking savings.

2. Save on bus tickets

You will soon be able to book your bus trips with Old Mutual Rewards as well. Keep checking the website when you are online completing your financial learning courses and using the money management tools.

3. Pay less for fuel

If you’re road tripping to visit family, use your Old Mutual Rewards points to buy fuel at participating Total service stations countrywide. To buy Total vouchers, log in to your profile and click on ‘Spend’ at the top of your screen. Then select ‘Buy vouchers’ and hit the Total icon under ‘Fuel’.

The more points you have, the more vouchers you can buy, so download the easy-to-use 22Seven personal budgeting app now to clock up to 1 400 points!

4. Use your points to celebrate safely

If you’re staying close to home, use your Old Mutual Rewards points to get around safely with Uber. Log in to your profile and click on ‘Spend’ at the top of your screen. Then select ‘Buy Vouchers’ and hit the Uber icon under ‘Travel’.

With all these travel benefits available, you are probably wondering how to earn Old Mutual Rewards points. Cameron tells us how:

1. Speak to an adviser <for 250 points>

Use this time of the year to plan your finances for 2021 — by doing so now, you set yourself up for a financially healthier new year!

2. Upgrade your money skills <for up to 750 points>

Enrol with Moneyversity and also complete the Financial Wellbeing programme, which covers financial planning fundamentals from investing to retirement planning.

“Our Financial Wellbeing Programme has been designed to equip all South Africans with the education, understanding and tools they need to make financial decisions that transform their lives and enable them to achieve the futures they want. This is especially important as we reflect on a challenging year and plan for a better 2021,” says Cameron.

3. Learn about your relationship with money <for over 120 points>

Complete a range of simple and informative assessments to gain an understanding of your money personality, habits and knowledge.

4. Use 22Seven <for up to 1 400 points>

Download this free budgeting and investing app and select ‘Earn Old Mutual Rewards’, you can link your Old Mutual Rewards account to your 22Seven profile and start earning points for simple but effective budgeting habits.

“The more you learn and engage with Old Mutual Rewards, the more points you earn. It’s all about supporting and encouraging South Africans along their journey towards financial empowerment, which is something we all value and seek,” concludes Cameron.

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