Most of us could think of a myriad activities we’d rather do than stand in the queue at SARS.
Photo: File
Most of us could think of a myriad activities we’d rather do than stand in the queue at SARS. Photo: File

Five tips for filing your tax returns online

By Supplied Time of article published Oct 14, 2019

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Most of us could think of a myriad activities we’d rather do than stand in the queue at SARS. 

Luckily for all of us, mobile-tech has triumphed again, and now, you can pay your taxes via your phone.

"We know our consumers are continuously digitising and using their phones as integral parts of their day-to-day lives – including admin tasks," said Hazel Chimhandamba, Executive Head, Marketing at Cell C.

They’re time-starved and using data, apps and other online tools for everything from online banking to shopping and more.

Gen Z and millennials are digital natives who are accustomed to blurring the lines between their digital and physical worlds. So, it makes sense for them that paying taxes can be done efficiently, via an app.

"These are the kinds of innovations we at Cell C support and facilitate as the country’s third largest network operator. We power the network and supply the devices that makes digitising possible," said Chimhandamba

SARS’ new MobiApp may not be the most exciting thing you’ve heard about this week – or even today. But it should be. E-filing takes time, and this simplifies the process – and hastens the prospect of a tax-return pay-day – with biometric authentication.

Chimhandamba added, "Cell C data bundles empower you to search online to get all the info you need on your taxes. You’ll be able to access SARS’ MobiApp and other handy tax apps, like TaxTim". 

Here are Chimhandamba’s handy guide to mastering your taxes, mobile-phone style:

1. Where to start

Many people aren’t sure whether they should be submitting tax returns in the first place. You can use the app to calculate whether you need to file for tax and, if you do, what the implications are.  Depending on the circumstances, there are many costs that can be claimed back. It’s definitely worth finding out as you could be missing out on a tax refund each year.

2. Q&A’s

The SARS App has an informative ‘About e-filing’ section that answers many questions about what documentation you need and how to go about filing your tax return. Even if you don’t plan on submitting a return this season, it’s worth finding out exactly what you need when you do file, in order to keep track throughout the year and have everything ready for the next tax season.

3. Speak to a human being

Yes! SARS even goes ‘old school’ and you can contact a consultant who will guide you through all your tax queries. You can speak to the via Chat, mail or phone, and they are geared to help you simplify your tax life. Once again, speaking to a consultant in no way obligates you to file a tax return (this seems to be a concern for many people) – they’re just there to help you get a clearer picture of your tax situation.

4. File your tax return

You can do all your tax e-filing via the SARS App, but it does mean you’ll have to have access to any necessary documentation on your phone. Everyone’s tax return is different, so for those submitting a fairly straightforward return, this really is the quickest way. Alternatively, you can submit on the website if all your documents are kept on your laptop.

5. Stay Safe

With online banking and e-filing making financial and tax transactions easier than ever before, it’s important to keep your online security in mind – this includes mobile phones. Don’t use public Wi-Fi to do any financial transactions, including tax submissions. And, make sure you have a reputable anti-malware programs installed on all your connected devices.

No matter what you’re earning or how new you are to the workforce, tax is a topic you need to be familiar with. Don’t just leave it to an expert – make sure you know what’s happening with your own income.

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