SARS extends filing deadline for non-provisional taxpayers until December 2nd

Published Nov 23, 2021


The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has extended the filing deadline for non-provisional taxpayers. The deadline, which was today, Tuesday November 23, has been extended to December 2.

In a statement released today, SARS says it is pleased with the overwhelming response it has received from taxpayers who have submitted their personal income tax returns since 1 July this year.

“SARS would like to thank these taxpayers for responding to our strategic intent of promoting a culture of voluntary compliance

“However, to afford other taxpayers the opportunity to comply with their legal requirements, SARS will extend the filing season deadline for non-provisional individual taxpayers from November 23 to December 2.

“SARS is acutely aware of the systemic issues the organisation has experienced, as well as the impact of load-shedding on taxpayers which made it difficult for taxpayers to file their returns.

“As a result, the date for levying of penalties on taxpayers that have not filed their return will be extended and implemented in January 2022,” SARS says.

SARS urges taxpayers to use its convenient digital channels: eFiling, SARS MobiApp, as well as the SMS service, which has the number 47277. By sending an SMS to this number, you can book an appointment at a SARS branch, check if you need to file a return and be helped with other services.

The SARS website has also been upgraded to allow for more digital services to taxpayers. For more information on these services, visit

SARS says it remains committed “to make it simple and easy for taxpayers to meet their legal obligations and hopes that the extension of the filing season deadline will encourage greater compliance among taxpayers”.


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