I support every word that Ray Swanepoel of Edenvale has stated concerning the SA Revenue Service (SARS).

These people have been put up on a perch which is not deserved. They are as incompetent and as arrogant as the rest of the ruling party. 

I am a pensioner just a few months from my 80th birthday and, since taking issue with the Alberton SARS offices and now the tax ombudsman, am not recognised as a natural person if being ignored by both parties is anything to judge by.

My hand-delivered letters and submissions are never responded to; telephonic requests, whilst getting a reference number, are not acted upon. I submitted eight pages of documents to the tax ombudsman, all certified.

After three months of no response I managed to contact a junior person at the Pretoria office. He told me I had to use their application forms which I immediately requested he send me via Postnet.

Two weeks passed without response. I phoned again and the person sent me 10 pages, two application forms and eight meaningless documents. I immediately re-submitted the information.

Three months have passed without response notwithstanding two written reminders to the ombudsman. During two consecutive days visits to the Alberton SARS offices, I spent eight hours sitting on a metal chair in a waiting hall clutching a piece of paper with a number on it and three hours relating my concerns to two separate attendants in booths. I received a reference number, nothing else so far. 

If SARS doesn't recognise me as a natural person, then I will not respond to their crazy tax demands, which I have been advised by one of their attendants represent 41 percent tax on half my pension pay-outs.

I have submitted sworn affidavits from the pension providers. Both certified. 

I have never ever had a rebate from SARS. 

M Shackleford