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CAPE TOWN - This is what R298 600 will get your child at Hilton College. 

Known as the most expensive school in South Africa, Hilton offers its students a number of great advantages, but parents are expected to fork out R22 040  per month for the 2019 year.

According to Business Insider SA, when you become a member of this school you receive a personalised academic plan for the year and get access to 16 academic subjects and 16 different kinds of sports. 

It also should be noted that you also receive a personal tutor at Hilton. The tutor is part of the academic staff and meets weekly with a pupil to assist and push them to get involved in the activities.

The college houses 5 00 pupils in seven houses on the sprawling 1 700-hectare estate  in the Kwa Zulu-Natal Midlands area. 

Hilton's website states that that school has tennis and squash courts, a number cricket, rugby and hockey fields, a gym and an Olympic-size water polo pool. 

These are fairly standard for most private or Model C schools but Hilton also offers you a shooting range as well. 

Within the grounds there are a number of common rooms, study or prep areas and the school can now boast to have "private shower compartments" for their students. 


Hilton college Nature Reserve.

Hilton can also boast the ' Hilton College Nature Reserve'. According to the college's website there are 4 waterfalls, a line of cliffs, a couple of kilometres of river frontage, and numerous trails that take you around the nature reserve. 

Routes vary from half-hour strolls to hikes that can take a couple of days.

The all-boys school was created in 1872 and is a  non-denominational Christian college. It is one of the oldest  independent schools in SA.


If you cannot afford Hilton don't worry there is  Michaelhouse, the  second most expensive school in SA, where parents will pay  R284 000 for the 2019 year.