FILE PHOTO: The sun rises as fishermen seek clams and bait in Pemba. REUTERS, MIKE HUTCHINGS
FILE PHOTO: The sun rises as fishermen seek clams and bait in Pemba. REUTERS, MIKE HUTCHINGS

Where South Africans went and what they spent this past festive season

By Supplied Time of article published Feb 4, 2020

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Many South Africans spent their festive season at home or in in another province but a number of fortunate people traveled around the world. 

Some of the places our fellow South Africans have traveled to will surprise you. 

While the bulk of us may have enjoyed a local holiday in December 2019, some South Africans were lucky enough to jet off to exotic places like Samoa, Sint Maarten and Lichtenstein.

Capitec has provided an overview of international transactions to give insight into where South Africans were travelling and how much we are spending.

The bank also saved clients over R11-million in bank fees during December when compared with the average rates charged by competitors.

Francois Viviers, Marketing and Communications Executive at Capitec Bank, says the bank offers simplified, affordable banking that helps clients take control of their money. “The Capitec debit or credit card is your perfect travel companion.

Our clients are charged no transaction fees when paying with their card, whether in South Africa or overseas. 

We also charge no currency conversion fees on international transactions when you select to pay in the local currency. Most people don’t realise that they pay 2.5 – 3% in currency conversion fees when they swipe their cards internationally. 

Capitec gives you the exchange rate of the day and charges no fees on the conversion.  

This can save you thousands of Rands during a single holiday, which can rather be spent on experiences to make your trip even better. You can use your Capitec card anywhere in the world you see the Mastercard logo.”

Here is where South Africans travelled at the end of last year, how they transacted and the fees they paid:


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