TREVOR Noah posted a 2009 v 2019 picture on social media.
TREVOR Noah posted a 2009 v 2019 picture on social media.

#10YearChallenge a hit on social media

By VIRGILATTE GWANGWA Time of article published Jan 16, 2019

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JUST 16 days into 2019, and social media has already witnessed its first popular challenge.

The #10YearChallenge took over social media at the weekend on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The trend has people sharing their old pictures with recent ones to show how far they've come in a global challenge that has also seen public figures join in the fun.

Among participants are the likes of Samuel L Jackson, Pharrell Williams, Nicki Minaj, Gabriel Union, Trevor Noah and Dr Musa Mthembu.

On his post, @kevinhart4real said: “#10yearchallenge 2009 v 2019; this challenge has shown me I simply have an old man’s face”

And on his 2009 v 2019 picture, comedian Trevor Noah posted on Instagram: “As you can see, my style hasn’t changed at all over the last decade.”

Memepedia reported that the challenge was started on Facebook on Sunday. It is believed that the first prominent user to take part in the challenge was meteorologist Damon Lane from Oklahoma, who shared his picture when Facebook reminded him of a photograph he posted 10 years ago on January 11.

From that point on there was no turning back. Even tweeps and Facebook users joined in and posted pictures of their own.

However, Twitterville and its spectators never disappoint with their savage comments.

@OfficialDoe1 wrote that lessons to be taken from the trend were that everyone was ugly, whether they liked it or not. “Be humble and grateful; make sure you don’t become ugly after 10 years again.”

Wrote @kenyanmemes: “Moral in this #10YearChallenge is that no one is ugly, they were just broke.”

But not everyone posted their "glow-ups" due to the fear of seeing their pictures being circulated as memes.

@27th_algorithm said: “The challenge looks tempting but my childhood pictures are all potential memes.”

@dynamite_tee wrote: “Slayqueens are not going to participate because we wouldn’t even recognise them with all the skin bleaching #beforeslayqueenswerefashionable.

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