4.6.2012 The Adorta Road Project to keep South African roads clean was launched on the R566 near Rosslyn on Monday. Picture: Etienne Creux

People can adopt animals at zoos or even a cop, but now a Rosslyn business is asking industries to “Adopta Road”.

Yesterday, on the eve of World Environment Day, waste management company Iwesco launched a campaign aimed at cleaning up the city’s roads.

When soccer world governing body Fifa approached the company three years ago, it proposed a plan to clean up roads in preparation for the World Cup. After the tournament, the initiative was handed over to the South African Football Association (Safa), but nothing came of it.

Iwesco has over the past two years tried to get a similar initiative going.

“Consumers today live in fear of global warming and the time for talking is no more,” said Iwesco chief executive Shellie Roodt.

The Adopta Road initiative is not only meant to keep roads clean, but to also raise environmental consciousness and to create thousands of jobs over the next five years.

How to make it happen?

A business would approach Iwesco with the name of a road it wants to sponsor.

The cost will be determined by the number of people who will be hired to clean that specific road.

The cost is R4 000 a cleaner with 70 percent going to the cleaner and 30 percent to cover the campaign costs.

Workers will be drawn from the community that the road is in.

The sponsoring company will be asked to elect a person to supervise the road. If it can’t, Iwesco will identify individuals from the community. They, and the workers, will be put through safety and skill development courses.

Supervisors will also be able to hire and expand their operations depending on demand, allowing them to eventually set up similar projects of their own.

The launch included a clean up along the R566, north of the city, sponsored by Iwesco and Logistics Transport Globally (LTG).

”We’re challenging other businesses to follow in our footsteps,” said Roodt.